What’s Unique Content to Google and Google Adsense and How to Give Users a Reason to Visit Your Site

What's Unique Content to Google and Google Adsense and How to Give Users a Reason to Visit Your Site

Nowadays, everyone embarks to make a quality backlink, create quality content, impress the readers with unique content, nobody explains What the Heck the terms mean.

I will try my best to explain, and today I’m going to depict unique content in the terms of Google and Google Adsense Quality Guidelines.

Yes, I copied the sentence “give users a reason to visit your site” from the rejection letter of Google Adsense.

So what does unique mean?

I would not explain the exact the definition otherwise It will make you more confused than ever, that’s why I have made types myself.

1. Extremely Unique Content

It’s the content that is found nowhere (not anywhere) in the universe, not a single page ever exists on the internet.

It is the type of the content where people share their personal experience about anything. It can be related to iPhone, personal life, and their fears.

Here is the so-called proof where Google says earns from your passion https://goo.gl/q1vxMC (Screenshot) that’s why Google loves such site.

This type of content gives a strong reason to visit the site because the readers are enjoying by reading the unique content. Every time a person writes a new article about his journey, the user wants to read as soon as possible.

Hint: List your amazing favorite sites, and write the reasons why you visit the sites. I am 100% because th sites give you a reason to visit Why not to provide the same reason to your site? Sara Sochaye 

2. Medium Unique Content,

It’s the type of the content that you will find on the internet with the same idea, but with different words.

Like the trending news being published on Geo, Tribune, and ARY. They explain the same idea, but with different words.

Similarly, you can see this keyword “How to Learn SEO” where all the top 10 results are explaining the same idea with different words – not just words rather with different images, videos, and GIFs.

it is the most commonly used content on the internet because it is base on keywords. We find keywords via SEMRUSH, Ahref and with other tools. We pick keywords, then explain better than our competitors, then we do interlink better, get backlinks and rank better.

This type of content also gives a reason to visit your site because your way of writing is love to visitors, and you use the funny images you use people like.

3. Thin Content.

It’s the type of the content that has a lot of demand in Bloggers Funda where people use Spinner to create content.

It is against the rules because you stealing the content, and make changes to appear so-called unique content. Did you see such writers? Yes, such writers exist.

I will not recommend this type of content because it doesn’t work for a long-term as well as it doesn’t give the contentment to your hearts.

You can do the experiment for how Google works but never do for making money.

Moreover, it is the type of the content that provides no value to the content.If you produce you will have high bounce rate and very low returning visitors to your site.

Why Google Needs Unique Content?

Because Google wants to show the ads that can give the highest conversion and can help to grow the Google and advertiser business to the next level.

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