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How to Write More Articles In A Week

I know writing is not an easy task to most of the people because writers are the creatures who need a silent room, some creativity, and English skills to write on a topic effectively. You might be thinking what could be the solution; the solution is simple. First of all, pick all your keywords on which you will write articles on Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel. And write your keywords, title, URL, volume per month, and the link to Google Doc in each separate column. I love Google Spreadsheet because it opens......

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How I Improve My English, and How You Learn with Actionable Tips and Files

I don’t claim myself a great writer who has the ability to write a life-changing story rather I love to write in simple words that people can understand otherwise I know how to use Google to pick the most difficult words. Many newbies think that to be successful online, you must have a Ph.D. in English but it’s not the case. I am a big fan of Neil Petal, he writes in simple words even a student of 4th grade can understand. I know you need a proof, here I pasted his......

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