How to Write More Articles In A Week That You Write Usually with Free Spreadsheet

How to Write More Articles In A Week

I know writing is not an easy task to most of the people because writers are the creatures who need a silent room, some creativity, and English skills to write on a topic effectively.

You might be thinking what could be the solution; the solution is simple.

First of all, pick all your keywords on which you will write articles on Google Spreadsheet or Microsoft Excel. And write your keywords, title, URL, volume per month, and the link to Google Doc in each separate column.

I love Google Spreadsheet because it opens instantly and it’s fast to access from any device.

See Here the Spreadsheet:

Why Did I Link to Google Doc in the Above Spreadsheet?

Here you can see the screenshot

It’s the thing that I want to tell you.

In Google Doc, you will spend one day to write all the headings of your keywords. Because when it comes to writing, researching is the most difficult task.

You will spend one day in researching for all the articles that you want to publish. And make headings and write other important information that you need to write in the Doc so that you don’t need to research again.

And then spend the rest of 6 days to write your articles. Because that one day you don’t spend your time on making headings rather you spend to read a lot of articles on your keywords. You can watch videos on Youtube. It is complete fun.

Just making headings are not enough some of the time, you may need to write some important points. That may be one word that can help you write additional 300 words or more.

Some other tips that I use to write fast:

1. I write via Grammarly and I disable all the errors so that I don’t see the red underline and I keep writing without any distractions.

2. I write non-stop, it doesn’t matter how many mistakes I have made. It helps to write 500 words in 20 to 30 minutes. And I don’t use social media when I write an article.

When an article is completed, I spend some time in Bloggers Funda and other things and then I start writing again.

3. I love reading. A better reader is a better writer. I love reading articles on SEO, Psychology and BBC Future.

4. I don’t write always from the introduction. Sometimes I start writing from the conclusion, sometimes from the middle. Then I write the introduction at the end. Did I mention writing non-stop?

5. I usually spend some time to make the best title by writing 2 to 3 titles, then I select the best one. I also make posters for my article. You can do this thing on the first day, then do the rest on other 6 days.

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