“How to Check Either You’re Providing Good User Experience To Your Users or Not Without Google Analytics and Feedbacks.”

You might be thinking this article will be about getting feedbacks from the visitors, survey or knowing from the low bounce rate of your site?

But, it is not what I am going to show.

It is something else you will love for sure as I fell in love!

First, you must have knowledge what is UX:

User Experience (UX) is all about how you give your users the thing he wants in the minimum steps rather than redirecting him pages to pages and providing wrong information in order to get just visitors.

If you provide bad user experience to your visitors, half of them will never site your site again.

So how to check either you’re providing the great user experience?

The answer is really simple!

You have to use Hotjar.com (Free for 14 days, no need of a credit card)

It is just an amazing product, and does:

1. Record your visitor session that you can see how they are using your site. Yes, a real recording as if we make with Camtasia and other software.

Check here how does it look: https://goo.gl/1XmaZs (Screenshot) and a short Youtube video at https://goo.gl/8DuFxG


A) You can check the recordings and you can see how they read your articles that you wrote yesterday.

B) Did they face any problem?

C) Perhaps they wanted to download a thing, but they are unable to find because you place at the bottom of the article.

D) Did they leave your site without downloading the thing?

E) Did they leave after reading the first paragraph?

If any of the answers is yes, you have to improve your site.

2. It shows the heat map of your site.

A heat map? What? Do they burn my site?

No, No! It just shows the locations of your site where users most interact with your site.

See here: How does it look at https://goo.gl/eLR8wx

The hotter the area is, it means the area is clicked the most by the most users.

It is really helpful to the people who face navigational problem in the rejection letter from their crush, Google!

As per my view, Google uses the same technology to check the same thing as Google is a 500 billion dollars company! It’s just a hypothesis of mine!

Suppose you made a bad poster, and they are clicking on the posters again and again! (Yes, such idiots users exist )

3. You can set up the heat map of your home page or any URL for that you want to track for checking the heat map.

Note: It is free for 14 days for 2000 recording, after 14 days, the recording is free for 300 recordings. Which is fine!