How I Improve My English, and How You Learn with Actionable Tips and Files

How I Improve My English, and How You Learn with Actionable Tips and Files

I don’t claim myself a great writer who has the ability to write a life-changing story rather I love to write in simple words that people can understand otherwise I know how to use Google to pick the most difficult words.

Many newbies think that to be successful online, you must have a Ph.D. in English but it’s not the case. I am a big fan of Neil Petal, he writes in simple words even a student of 4th grade can understand.

I know you need a proof, here I pasted his article “How to Start a Blog That Generates $3817 a Month” on HemingWayApp, see here the screenshot:

One confusion is clear, you must have command over simple English. What is the reason behind that?

The reason is simple. People come from different part of the world to read your article. The simpler you write, the longer they stay on your site.

My way of improving is a bit different than others because every person has a kind of brain so you can think learning ways would be different.

You will be amazed to know that I improved my English mostly from Google. Whenever I faced a problem, I did Google. I will also show you some commands how it can help you more in writing a good English article.

How I Improve My English, and How You Learn with Actionable Tips and Files

First of all, if you want to improve your English, you must have the clear concepts of the following:

A. Part of Speech
B. All 12 Tenses
C. Active/Passive
D. Uses of definite and indefinite articles (It’s about when to use The, An, A)

1. Part of Speech:

It’s important because once you know it’s a noun, you can replace that word with another noun. If you know it is an adjective, you can replace with another adjective.

For example, I am happy (Google says “happy”
is an adjective). Now I found another word “delighted” which is also an adjective. Now I can say I am delighted (happy). (An adjective has been replaced by another adjective)

Here you can download all Part of Speech in Urdu Mp3 files at!Ak6N4xDF9hCTymaj16ssS0r7sSM-

Once you are clear in concepts, then you must read articles on any of your favorite website, then check which word is a noun, adjective, adverb or proposition.

I read, I pick an article and I detect all such Part of Speech. I also note down on Evernote.

Now, I don’t do this activity a lot because now I understand. But when I confuse, I Google.

2. Tenses

Honestly speaking, I learned tenses from this website I memorized all the tenses with graphs by writing again and again and revising.

It was a bit difficult, then I used to watch videos on Youtube on every tense. For example, I faced problems for Present Perfect. I spent a few days to learn it.

Also, you can listen to these Urdu Audios on Tenses!Ak6N4xDF9hCTyjcMHIpG7P8Dd843

3. Active/Passive

I again used Youtube for this purpose, also I learned many things form English Club. For this, you need to do a lot of practice that I will explain later.

D. Uses of definite and indefinite articles

It was the most difficult for me to learn. Because it was impossible to learn when to use The, An and A. It has more than 20 uses, but the most common use is to point out the specific thing.

For learning, I had to read a lot of articles, watched videos, but not a single thing helped except one thing that I discovered by myself that I will explain later.

You can listen this audio on THE!Ak6N4xDF9hCTgqlrhG0hAU_AAfz4dQ

Here are my tips to improve English:

1. Observing Leading Websites:

I am a regular reader of Propakistani, 2knowmyself, BBC future, Neil Petal articles and many other 20 websites that you can see here

What do I observe? A good question!

A) I check how they start an article. Because many times, to start writing an article is the most difficult task.

Here you can see how Neil Petal starts that starts with a keyword

The sooner you tell people what you will share in the article, the more it is a positive signal.

B) I also check how they end an article.

C) How images are being used.

D) How headings are being used.

And much more.

And also visit Copyblogger.

They have a team of certified writers who write great. They use some difficult words in every article.

The major reason I visit this blog is that I note a lot of phrases and clauses to note down for my article.

2. I Write Down Amazing Phrases and Clauses.

When I visit a site, I open my Google Doc. When I see a great wor I write it down.

Here you can see the screenshot my Google Doc file

I see these word/words often so that it can stay longer in my mind.

3. Watch A Short Clip of 5 Minutes with Subtitle, then Again Watch Without Subtitles

It is really helpful. If you do read, it doesn’t give you much creativity. But if you watch some short clips, but interesting clips, it boosts your creativity.

I avoid watching long videos to improve English rather I prefer to read and watch some TED talks.

4. Daily Writing

You have to give you only 10 to 15 minutes a day and write on any topic. You can write what you can do if you were made an admin of Bloggers Funda*

*Here I ‘ve used a conditional sentence, so you have to read some grammar rules on a weekly, or daily basis from different sites.

5. Use Grammarly

Grammarly helped me a lot. Whenever I write a wrong sentence, it detects the error, then let me know. Then I Google, she tells me everything. I really love her.

You can even use a free account, and write anything it will help you.

6. Advanced Commands of Google

I often use Google Advanced Commands to detect the error especially the words written within quotes “””.

For example, when I am confused which preposition to use, I use this command that you can see here

Where I am confused I put an asterisk * then Google tells me which results she has found.

Now I know I should use “at” in this sentence “he throws a ball * me” thanks to Google.

I will explain all the other commands of Google to improve English. It has become again long. So Sorry! Ladies and Gentlemen!

Write your feedbacks did It help you or not.

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